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To Contribute to the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem:

Mentor: A mentor is an experienced person who provides friendship and guidance, provides motivation and becomes a model for a less experienced person. Mentors, on the one hand, guide their mentees on the strategies necessary to achieve their business and job-related goals, on the other hand, they guide them to develop the special skills and skills they need to have.

Angel Investor: they support the initiative in its inception phase. Although they receive shares directly proportional to the amount of investment they make from the venture, they generally offer individual support.

Venture Capitalist: Venture capitalists investing in a new venture or companies that need financial support after a certain period of time are made up of multiple stakeholders. They distribute their investments across different initiatives to minimize risk. The return on investment is clear and sharp.

In-house entrepreneurship: is to make new initiatives and new breakthroughs that can be beneficial in business life for the benefit of the institution and the sector where the entrepreneur works. These breakthroughs can sometimes be in-house projects or they can be formed as a new working area and subsidiary of companies.


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