DEPARK, an ecosystem where industry, public institutions, universities, and other research infrastructures carry out R&D and innovation studies in the same environment, transfer information and technology between them, and integrate academic, economic, and social structure, was established in 2013 with 14 partners, and its 77,33% shares belong to Dokuz Eylül University.

Today, DEPARK, which hosts more than 100 R&D companies and more than 1000 R&D personnel, continues its activities with Alfa and Beta Buildings (TDA-1) in Tınaztepe Campus, and Zeytin Building and Nar Building in İnciraltı Campus.  

DEPARK, contributing to the development of local and national development-oriented entrepreneurship with R&D and innovation-based projects and collaborations, includes R&D projects of companies from different sectors, pre-incubation and incubation processes of entrepreneur and entrepreneur candidates, and the advantages of the techno park environment in the way of sectoral incorporation/internationalization.

depark Hakkımızda

depark Hakkımızda


Vision: being the pioneer and leader techno park with technological entrepreneurship in high-tech production in Turkey.

Mission: to provide innovative and integrated services to all stakeholders in order to transform the technology that is created as a result of research and development studies into economic and social benefits; to teach to be successful and grow.

DEPARK, Turkey's First Specialized Health Technopark, is a technopark that is open to new projects and collaborations in the health field, and its vision is founded on innovation. DEPARK, with its innovative atmosphere required by the R&D and innovation climate, along with providing the services needed in the national and international marketing reach of the developed technologies, also conducts the TÜBİTAK 1513-Technology Transfer Offices Support ProgramProject(DETTO), which is an important project of Dokuz Eylül University.

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