Administrative Services

When you want to be a part of the DEPARK Inc. with your R&D, and innovation projects, consultancy support is provided by experienced TDA and TTO staff within the framework of the Management Directive and Technology Development Areas legislation.


Companies operating in the Technology Development Zone continue to work in accordance with laws no 4691 and 5746 and relevant regulations.

To the text of the Law No. 4691 on Technology Development Zones:  
To Technology Development Zones Implementation Regulation numbered 4691:  
To Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research and Development Activities:
To Law Enforcement Regulation No. 5746:

Argeportal Usage Support:

TTO Services

DETTO offers its services under five main headings within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 1513 Project. They provide services for the transformation of information into technology/product by reproducing it in the DETTO ecosystem.

Pre-Incubation Services

What are the Pre-Incubation Services?

It is a field that includes learning and implementation systems that enable entrepreneurs to receive consultancy and mentoring support on issues such as benefiting from grant programs, intellectual property, and incorporation in order to develop their ideas, thoughts, and projects they want to implement. 

What services are provided in Pre-Incubation Center?

Acceleration Program

It is a program where you can quickly develop your own business with intensive mentoring, basic canvas skills, and complementary business development training, from different areas such as from idea to business plan writing, from marketing to access to financial resources.

What Are the Trainings Provided Under the Acceleration Program?

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