According to the definition of International Association of Science Parks (IASP), Technopark:

It is an enterprise based on incentive and ownership with management function designed to encourage the establishment and development of one or more universities or other higher education institutions and research centers related to industrial companies based on knowledge and advanced technologies and designed to provide support to tenant companies in technology transfer and business administration.

Techno parks with the definition of Technology Development Areas Association (TDAA) are organized research and business development ecosystems where universities/research institutions and industrial organizations carry out research, development, and innovation activities in the same environment, transfer information and technology between each other, and integrate academic, economic and social structure.

Income and Corporate Tax Exemption

Under the provisional second article of the Law No. 4691;
The earnings obtained by the management companies within the scope of this Law application and the earnings of the income and corporate taxpayers operating in the region exclusively from the software and R&D activities in this region are exempt from income and corporate tax until 31/12/2023.

Income Tax Exemption in Wages

The wages of the R&D and support personnel working in the zone for these duties are exempt from all taxes until 31/12/2023.
The exemption starts on the date of starting to employ staff whose wages are exempt from income tax.
The number of support personnel within the scope of exemption cannot exceed ten percent of the number of R&D personnel.

Stamp Duty Exemption in Wages

With the provisional second article of Law No. 4691, the wages of researchers, software developers, and R&D personnel working in the technology development zone are exempt from stamp tax until 31.12.2023.

Value Added Tax Exemption

VATA-Provisional Article 20 According to Law No. 4691 on Technology Development Zones, the delivery, and services of entrepreneurs operating in the technology development zone in the form of system management, data management, business applications, sectoral, internet, mobile, and military command control application software during the period of exemption (until 31.12.2023) from income or corporate tax. exempted from value added tax.

Payroll Tax Support 

Law No. 5746, Article 3/3 According to the second temporary article of the Technology Development Areas Law, the person whose wages are exempt from income tax;
The payroll tax calculated over the wages they earn in return for their work within the scope of R&D activities is covered by the allowance to be placed in the budget of the Ministry of Finance for each employee for five years.

Obtaining new technical information that will enable the development of science and technology in order to eliminate the uncertainties in scientific and technological fields and to illuminate them,

  • Finding or developing new production methods, processes, and operations
  • Developing new methods or producing new techniques for the development of new products, substances and materials, tools, equipment, operations, systems,
  • Finding new techniques or technologies that reduce the cost of a product and increase its quality, standard and performance,
  • Software activities based on the new and original design,
  • In order for an activity to be qualified as an R&D activity, it must be for at least one of the above objectives.

Market research or sales promotion, quality control, oil, natural gas, mineral reserves exploration and drilling activities, use of invented or existing improved processes, formal changes (aesthetic and visual changes such as shape, color, decoration, etc.), scientific and technological innovation routine activities that do not require routine data collection (the program used for routine analysis, software, routine adjustment of prototypes produced), research expenses related to establishment and organization in the first establishment phase, studies for the protection of intellectual property rights developed as a result of the project, copies of prototypes for testing purposes distribution and consumer testing.

Companies that want to move their R&D centers to the techno park ecosystem and entrepreneurs who aim to commercialize their technology-based projects can apply to DEPARK.

By filling the pre-application form on the DEPARK website, the application process should be started.

In accordance with the Technology Development Zone (TGB) legislation, faculty members can establish a company in the DEPARK Technology Development Zone, become a partner in an established company, or take part in the management of an established company in order to commercialize the results of their researches, with the permission of the University Executive Board.
DEPARK develops special incentive models for teaching staff to bring their innovative ideas to life.
In this context, the Incubation Center, established within DEPARK, is a center that focuses on the establishment of new R & D companies by academic staff and the support that the established companies need, especially in their first years of entrepreneurship. In terms of sharing the rental fees and many common expenses, "incubation services" are provided to new companies established by faculty members.

About Students

DEPARK provides students with an international environment that offers theory and practice together. Every domestic and foreign company within DEPARK provides students with an opportunity to do an internship or work within their campuses. Primarily, the opportunity to gain the sectoral experience that students who study in engineering fields need for graduation can be obtained through internships and part/full-time job opportunities at DEPARK companies. It is possible to participate in seminars, training, and conferences organized within DEPARK, DETTO, and BAMBU with the event calendar you can access up to date under the ''What Where With Whom'' tab. In addition to informing and internship opportunities, DEPARK also provides students with the opportunity to take part in our incubation center to establish their own companies. There is no application fee for students applying to this Center.

They can benefit from all services in the field of entrepreneurship, with the promotion, project support services, university-industry cooperation services, intellectual and industrial property rights services offered by Dokuz Eylul Technology Transfer Office (DETTO) experts.

To introduce Dokuz Eylul University's technical infrastructure, working areas, R&D potential for the industry to the industry and to ensure that the existing studies within the university are integrated into the industry by projecting them.
To evaluate the R&D capacities of industrial organizations, to identify their needs, and to find solutions to the needs of the industry with new projects by matching them with academicians who can conduct research to meet these needs, and thus to encourage the university to develop technologies that can create added value to the society,
Determining the most suitable cooperation model by evaluating the specific conditions of each project, creating the contents of cooperation agreements, reaching an agreement between the parties on matters such as intellectual property and confidentiality, conducting legal and in-house contract processes, ensuring coordination between teams,
Providing support for the preparation and submission of the project file in order to benefit from national and international funding mechanisms for coordination, contract negotiation management, and financial management of the contract R&D projects carried out by Industry and Dokuz Eylül University.

You can get service;
When you have an idea and need a project,
When you need funding mechanisms for the financial management of your project,
When you need Academy/Industry support and want to collaborate,
When you want to carry out the cooperation you have developed with the Academy/Industry through DETTO.

The University Industry Cooperation team first organizes a meeting with you and tries to understand all the details of your project.
Target market/customer analysis is made by taking your suggestions about the companies you want to reach, as well.
As your project development and management team, The University Industry Cooperation team organizes project introduction meetings with companies and brings you together with the companies.

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